16 Best Sites to Watch Free Movies Online in 2019 (UPDATED)

Watch Movies Online Free

Today’s busy daily day life, everyone is so occupied in their own lives, and the primary need for entertainment has increased then free movies online at your place.

We need a pause, but we don’t have much time or money to plan tours or go out for a couple of days, so watch free Movies Online is the best option. 

If you are a mobile/Tablet user and you don’t want to lose lots of data for movies but want HD level quality. Then you must see the best free movie download sites for mobile phones to get 10+ websites.

In that situation, do you know what is the best option to refresh your mood?

Is the answer to a good movie?

An inspirational movie can make your day special and make you feel better. Also, you will get a break for some hours from these daily days tiring, and hectic life schedules.

Isn’t it correct? And in this case, you are not the one who is watching movies in the theater and Have don’t time for this then; I have the best solution for you.

Yes, Nowadays you can watch your favorite, newly released movie for which you were waiting for a long time, and it will be free of cost.

Sounds great. Right?

So the reason behind this article is to give you the lists of the site to watch free movies online in 2019 author by BestMovieSites.net.

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List of Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

Today we are going to introduce the best free movie streaming websites without download in 2019, which allows us to watch favorite movies free online without spending a single penny.

So, if you are interested in watching movies online for free in your place, then let’s check it down.

1. YouTube

YouTube Movie
YouTube ©

Of course, the list doesn’t make sense without the name of YouTube in it. As per knowledge, you might have watched funny videos, inspirational videos, or trailers of movies on YouTube many times.

But, nowadays, you can watch or stream movies on YouTube for free. You can view all the free movies online in the movie section of youtube.

You can also browse movies through genre or with the right name; however if you want to see the latest movies there.

For this, you must pay an amount of $3.33. After that, you can browse the free movie section as well as the HD quality for watch free movies online.

2. Yo-Movies

Free Movies Online Yo Movies
Yo-Movies ©

Now come to 2nd top listed best free movie online streaming website named Yo Movies. It deserves to top of the list for free movies online.

Here you can watch all kinds of free movies you want. Also, you can stream web series as per trend on this site.

If you loved to watch web series online without investing a single penny, then Yo movies are the best option to stream web series or watch free movies online without any download.

When you visit its Yo-Movies homepage, you will get to see lots of tab-like Home, Genre, Bollywood, Dubbed, Most Rating, Top IMDP, and News.

These are the genre of the movie where you can find movies as per genre easily.

The most important and best part of this Yo-Movies website is entirely free. That’s why you can stream any free movies online of any genre you want to watch free.

3. Crackle

Crackle Movies
Crackle ©

Crackle is the best free movie online streaming website as they are directly the partners with Sony Pictures undoubtedly.

This website offers unlimited full-length free movies online with HD quality or 4k Ultra HD quality.

It doesn’t matter that, where you see the movie, you will have a similar feel as well as the quality of the movies from crackle remarkable quality.

But, you need to wait in all the ads which you will get when you are watching free movies online. But, the ads of this crackle website is too small as compared to other websites. So, don’t worry about ads.

One of the exciting parts of this website is that it is legit. And If you always want to watch free movies online in your mobile device, then this site has an application that is compatible with most of the devices.

One of the best things on this website is that this is a legit website just because of only the partner from Sony Pictures.

If you want to watch free movies online in your mobile device then, this is the perfect way to watched movies online totally free as compared to other websites.

Because crackle provides a Crackle app for Android and iOS, this is the reason why crackle is the best online movie streaming sites for free!

4. Tubi TV

Tubi TV ©

Tubi TV is the most beautiful media sites still now. Here you can watch tons of free movies online and TV shows.

Although some of these TV shows and movies can be rented, most of them are free for users.

TubiTV can be viewed by the heavily rated on Rotton Tomatoes, New Arrivals, Film Festival Favourites, Featured, Trending, and some of them are not on Netflix video section or Netflix app.

As well as you can select a genre, and you get a wide range of variety in it. 

TubiTV includes Documentary, Comedy, Romance, Kids, Horror, and some particular genres like Women first, Grind House, Wild Things (Nature), Best of British, etc.

5. Popcornflix

Popcornflix movies
Popcornflix ©

If you are one of them who loves watching the latest free movies online, then Popcornflix is the perfect place for you.

Popcornflix has around 2000 movies of every genre like Comedy, Drama, Horror, Kids, Romance, and much.

And the best thing is, they keep adding the new movies after releasing time to time. At the same time, they also feature web and movie school original.

The best part on this site, you generally don’t need to go from an annoying process named sign up.

All you need to do that choose your desired movies, series, or search it on website search and tap to play button.

6. Hotstar

Hotstar movie
Hotstar ©

Hotstar is one of the best-branded websites on the list to watch TV series online, movies online free, and even the news.

This is the reason why Hotstar is a brand in India. It is also available in a few other connecting countries of India.

You can enjoy VPN services by using a VPN App or website for India. If you are not from India and you are a daily fan of watching movies so you can watch it here for free.

Here you can get services in Hindi as well as English as a movie or TV Shows language. Also, in some cases, you want to watch more premium content, then you can upgrade it as a paid member at the lowest cost $3 per month as compared to others.

Also, here, you can download a few contents so that you can watch them offline later when you have free time.

7. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online ©

ClassicCinemaOnline is the best website for those who loves watching old movie online, Classic Cinema online; then this website is the perfect, and right place for you.

Here you can get all described, classic cinema online also it has an excellent collection of old movies like A Christmas Carol, Love Story, Scrooge and many more.

Here you get some serials, silent films, and blogs as in their menu. Also, you’ll find some categories to get your movie within a minute like Comedy, Family, genre, and Action. All videos are free to stream or watch online.

8. Retrovision

Retrovision movies
Retrovision ©

Retrovision has one of the same concepts as classic cinema online. It creates a massive competition of classic cinema online by Retrovision.

Here you may find the genre like Crime, Film-Noir Movies, Comedy, Adventure, Horror, Western War, and Science Fiction.

You will see all these categories of the Retrovision on the site’s homepage.

You can search via category and directly on the search bar of the site. However, if you want any specific movie, then you can search for it and enjoy it for free.

You can search from categories as well as browse it by website search. Although, if you want some movie, serials then you can search for it and enjoy every movie free.

9. Eros Now

Eros Now Movies
Eros Now ©

Eros Now is owned by Eros International, as well. This is a huge Indian Movie Production Company. It only deals with Bollywood, and this is one of the legitimate company websites.

If you are one of the big Bollywood movie fans but you don’t know the website. Where you can watch all the Bollywood movies, in a sense old or new under the one roof, then Eros Now is the perfect destination for you.

Are you from abroad or from out of India and want to watch a Bollywood movie? You can watch every Bollywood movie as their service is available in almost 135 nations across the world.

The site has its Eros app also, which is available on the Google Play store as well Apple App Store.

So, the reason to introduce the Eros app is evident that every user can browse it on their phone too anytime, anywhere.

As I told you that, it works on every device, whether android phone, iOS, Laptop, Macbook, Smart TV, or anything else. It works on every device and computer as well.

But the problem is that it gives free thing where include the trailer of the movie, songs, and video.

But if you have to wish to see the full-length movie, then you need to upgrade to the Eros International premium plane in just a little amount of INR 99 per month.

Sounds great or not?

10. FMovies

FMovies Online
FMovies ©

FMovies is also one of the best websites where you can watch free movies online. Especially if you are a big fan of watching the latest movies at your home, which is running in cinema theaters, this is the best website for a person like you.

Decent and premium looked website serving you IMDB rating, plot summary, casting, genre, etc.

On the homepage of the website, you will see the posters of the newly launched movies and trending movies as well.

Here you’ll get an easy way to find your movie by categories such as country-wise, released year, most viewed, etc.

When you click on the movie, you will get some information about movies like IMDB rating, casting, genre, etc.

The best thing about the website is you can watch all movies without registration and all on the site.

11. ConTV

ConTV Movies
© ConTV

Now I need to suggest if you want to watch movies online free, then ConTV is a big platform for those who want to watch a movie without any download.

It has around more than 120000 titles, including classic, Comedy, Anime, and Documentary Movies.

When you are on the ConTV homepage, you will find a similar front display the same as crackle because the developer developed this site related to the crackle theme and the color orange.

You can get the quality of the movie that may vary according to the country you are living in.

Some of the ads are annoying in the mid-time of the movie as the ads support on the website.

If you like to watch old anime, then this website is the perfect place for you, but if you want to watch only the latest movies, then I never recommend this website.

12. GoMovies

GoMovies Site
GOMovies ©

The site GoMovies is something similar to FMovies in the term of content. Also, the site collection of movies and TV series is vast, which includes the latest movies which one is running at the cinema theater.

However, the display of the movie is mot, similar to FMovies. In that display term, FMovies is too ahead than GoMovies.

If you are such a technical person, then don’t worry about this site. It is easy to use.

Every movie is in alphabetical order where you can find every film with a minute without any troubleshoot.

Everything mentioned on the first landing page called the homepage of the website.

The movie and TV Series loading speed is quite good. Here you’ll get quality in HD form. So, here on the site, you can easily stream your favorite movies online free of cost without any hesitation.

13. SnagFilms

Snagfilms movie
Snagfilms ©

SnagFilms is the best online streaming website with 10000 movies in it. Snagfilms is one of the best homepage interfaces I will ever find to watch free movies online.

Although it doesn’t have so many commercial movies in it, it doesn’t have any latest movie collection.

But if you like to watch documentaries, biographies, you will love the website for this.

SnagFilms developed its app, which you can download in your smartphone, Android, and iOS also.

The name of the app is cherry on the cake. The app is supported on most of the devices like Android and iOS.

You need to sign in via facebook or twitter. And you can also make your watch-list to add your favorite title you want to watch later as per your free time.

Also, the website creates some different categories under which you can browse movies categorized in Festivals, LGBT, and Award-Winning.

These are the unique created categories which hard to find on other sites.

14. Yidio

Yidio Movie
Yidio ©

Yidio doesn’t host any movies directly, so Yidio is the only source where Yidio can provide a perfect suggestion as per your requirement.

They show the path to the user about where the specific movie is available to watch free movies online. But this is the best interface of online media streaming websites.

Yidio is not a movie hosted site, but if you like to watch every kind of movie. Then the website showing the best way and perfect website about the latest videos, Rated Movies, Most Popular Movies, Most viewed, etc.

Also, Yidio helps you to watch such kinds of free movies online. It will also send you the notifications on telegram about the film according to your preference.

If you are showing your preference, then the site will automatically send you the notification according to preference.

So, If you always try to get details of every movie on the internet, then these sites will help you in your future.

You need to sign up at Yidio to get all updates as per your preference for future movies.

15. Voot

Voot App
Voot ©

Viacom18 developed a Voot website for the user who loves to watch free movies online or stream movies online.

This is the Hindi contented website with its own Voot App, which supports Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire TV.

Here you can view your favorite content on your smartphone, Android, and iOS also.

The biggest problem is when you stream any movie that is ads. Ads much irritating and disturb you when you are watching the video.

But the benefit is that the content available on Voot is basically from the TV channels like Colors, MTV, VH1, etc.

So, if in case you missed any of your favorite serial/shows, you can watch on Voot for free of charge.

16. Movierulz

Movierulz ©

Movierulz is the trending website to watch all categories in free movies online like Bollywood, Hollywood, trending Web Series, Adult 18+, etc. in all quality like DVDRip, HDRip, BRRip, etc.

This website gives you English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi languages movies and also Hindi Dubbed Movies, Tamil Dubbed Movies, Telugu Dubbed Movies.

You can also search for various movies as per there genres like Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Biography, Documentary, and much more.

Also, it gives you all adult movies and web series, which is 18+ like most trending Indian Web Series named Sacred Games, Gandi Baat, and more.

Movierulz gives you their app at the end of the website and on the front of their homepage to watch free movies online.

It gives us live chat support if you are in trouble contact Movierulz via online support. Nowadays, Game of Thrones is the biggest trending web series on Movierulz with HDRip quality.

If you like the Movierulz website, then bookmark on your PC or direct enter URL 2movierulz.mx.

If you have any requested movie, then you can ask to Movierulz. It will try to give you the best quality as per there ability and also provide some film in the multi-audio system.

Also, you can search for Bollywood movies by year and Hollywood movies by year. This is helpful for those who are not a technical person and want to watch the best quality movies.

Movierulz has one problem; some of the ads are annoying and disturbing you when watching movies online free.

But, In the end, Ads are the only source to maintain the Movierulz server and serve you the best quality in movies, web series, TV Shows, and more.

So, don’t be nervous about ads. This last one is my favorite website, as per my experience and knowledge in the movie industry.

Quick Thoughts:

As per my knowledge of the film industry, these were the best list to watch free movies online and free streaming movie websites in 2019.

You can watch your best movies and TV series online without any downloading any content.

In this list, I have shared a long list of different sites specialized in various categories and contents.

So, here are all website as per their own rules and regulations you can visit any site to watch your favorites online movies free and TV series online for free.

In this article, We are sharing a lof list of different websites with their Pros and Cons in various categories and contents.

So it gives you breath to visit any website and stream your favorite movie online for free.

I need your suggestion after reading this valuable and helpful content.

Which is your favorite website to watch free movies online?

Comment below to create the best-updated list for you related to the free movies online.

Enjoy streaming..!


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